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AgeSong Senior Communities

AgeSongSenior Communities establishes residential care communities where elders are understood as our teachers. They teach us to care, love, and live a rich and meaningful life, to help us grow into future elders. As such, from the perspective of a life lived, elders help us stay focused on what matters in life.

With elders holding such a vital and deep value for our society, AgeSong would like to understand its elder care communities as a central force for and a resource in shaping social and cultural trends and movements. As a resource for the outer communities, people desire to come and visit our AgeSong communities. They do so in order to learn and grow from its encounters with our elders, through attendance of the AgeSongLiving trainings,Gero-Wellness internship and certificate programs provided by Pacific Institute, as well as AgeSong's many forums on aging and living. See more a

Poetics of Aging

Poetics of Aging

Poetics of Aging is an organized get-together for people interested in exploring the beauty and depth of life at any stage and age. Poetics of Aging is made possible through AgeSong Institute, in collaboration with leading Bay Area universities and organizations. The mission: to counter the mainstream understanding of aging as decline and/or disease with a more expansive, humanistic, and creative vision and approach. Visit The Poetics of Aging Website.

AgeSong Institute

Existential-Humanistic Institute

The Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI) was formed as a non-profit organization under the auspices of Pacific Institute in 1997. EHI provides a forum, a "home," for those mental health professionals, scholars, and students who seek in-depth training in existential-humanistic philosophy, practice, and inquiry. To visit the EHI website, visit

International Film Festival on Aging

The International Film Festival on Aging was presented by the Pacific Institute and the AgeSong Senior Communities on February 20–22, 2009 at premiere film venues across the San Francisco Bay Area. The Film Festival was a celebration of the unique joys, challenges and opportunities of our later years, when our experience and wisdom are finally equal to our passion for life. Through artistic expression, we showcased the singular experience of becoming a true Elder.

Films included international, independent and studio productions, from captivating animated shorts to touching and memorable feature length films and documentaries, all of which explored the complex issues of aging and challenged society's archaic preconceptions about growing older. To visit the International Film Festival on Aging website, visit

AgeSong Institute

Deep Democracy Institute

DDI is a thinktank that is focused on developing and disseminating ideas and methods that forward collaboration across organizational, national, and social boundaries. At Pacific Institute & Agesong, we are deeply aligned with that vision in our desire for a world where inclusion of the elderly is the norm. Pacific Institute & Agesong also work with the Deep Democracy Institute to have these values reflected in its own leadership and governance. Both organizations follow an awareness based approach that furthers belief in one's own experience, rather than prescribed programmatic steps that should be performed.

To visit the Deep Democracy Institute website, visit

Ministry of Presence

The Ministry of Presence Institute

The Ministry of Presence Institute (MPI) is a program of Pacific Institute, providing emotional and spiritual support to our Elders in the AgeSong Communities.

MPI contributes to the quality of our Elders' everyday living. Our ministry of presence community chaplains join Elders in their journey and come to hear them, hold them, and celebrate them as the individuals they are. Our ministry focuses on meeting people in whatever emotional, psychological, or spiritual space they find themselves. We support them in their story, wherever that is, meeting them where they are with unconditional love. Visit our website and learn about our ministries:


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