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AgeSong Living

AgeSongLiving is the next step in Eldercare and a community resource for therapists, students, volunteers, friends, and family who seek knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration from the often difficult work of caring. We address the needs of people of all ages, faiths, and sexual orientation who find themselves incapacitated by chronic illnesses or disabilities related to aging.

AgeSongLiving follows a vision that sees elders as wisdom keepers and valuable social contributors irrespective of their physical, emotional, and spiritual state. We promote healthy aging for the burgeoning elder population with individualized care in therapeutic environments. Noting the dearth of mental health services, emotional support, and adequate approaches and interventions for elders who present unique states of consciousness, and for the general lack of healthy aging paradigms, Pacific Institute's AgeSongLiving addresses and treats the emotional and psychological issues unique to elders.

Pacific Institute partners with the AgeSong Management Company and other organizations to create therapeutic environments where people are accepted as they are. Learn more about AgeSong Management Company.

Some of these specialized programs are as follows:

  • Residential Elder communities, AgeSong at WoodPark and AgeSong at University:
    "AgeSongLiving" in our licensed Assisted Living communities goes beyond the status quo and creates a paradigm for how elders can be respected and live, AgeSongLiving style, with the "freedom to be."
  • Gerontological Wellness Program: Under the direction of Licensed Clinical Psychologiests, master's and doctoral level psychology students provide emotional and therapeutic support, creating an individual and group mileu that is like no other, including programs such as expressive arts, behavioral health, and integrative wellness.
  • Forgetfulness (Dementia) Care: interdisciplinary approach to caring for people with different types of dementia as the condition is commonly known. We prefer to call our dementia program Forgetfulness Care, as it de-stigmatizes and depathologizes the symptoms of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.
  • Health Care Oversight: with the support of Licensed Nurses 24 hours/day/7days/week this program delivers individualized and professionally planned care and services for residents who are living with chronic health conditions.
  • Enrichment: AgeSong communities feature daily enrichment and wellness programs that encourage residents' wellbeing, creative expression, and strengthening of ties to family and friends.
  • Nourishment: By individualizing each resident's nutritional plan of care our dietary specialists are intricately involved with meal planning at AgeSong communities, allowing for the thoughtful nourishing of the body, mind, and soul.
  • Intergeneration and International Visitor Program: A link between youth and students — from the United States and abroad — with seniors in our communities providing opportunities to make a difference in people's lives.

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